Run Girl Run!


Happy Hump Day Everyone! Or in other words, happy Wednesday! Today is a fresh start with brand new beginnings. I’ve started back at my old job working with kids and no longer answering calls day in and day out. Now mind you, great pay, but my happiness was lacking I should say. My coworkers I loved, but it just wasn’t me. I’ve come to realize, as many of you probably have too, happiness is the greatest wealth of all. So with that, I ran. image I put on my trusty running shoes and hit the pavement. I had a few thoughts during my short 2 mile run, they included: 1. Holy shit Jamie, you’ve let your endurance go here these past few months. 2. I missed this. 3. You’ve got this 4. Life is short, live it to the fullest. And 5. Always smile at the finish, you’ve earned it. image And with that, I’m on to my reading for the evening! image Until next time! 💕:)👟💪👍🌞

Humble Times Calls for Humble Measures


Well hello there again all!

I know, I know. I haven’t been on here in a while. :(

I truly do miss writing. In all honesty, I have been writing, not very often, but I have.

But for old time sakes, I do want to let you know I will be diligent again. Life has slowed down and my thoughts and ideas have sped up. Thus, here I am with you lovely people!

Besides writing poetry and about my life, I recently struck up a conversation with a college friend and decided to try and take a stab at “Go Fund Me” for my college loans.

By all means am I not expecting anything out of this, I just decided to give it a try and see what would happen.

I figure why not, but also why not let all of my friends and colleagues know here as well. Maybe one of you would be interested in taking a look at it!

Like I am sure many of you have known with all that has come at me in my life I am a fighter and I decided since I have given back so much, why not see what happens on the end of receiving.

By all means, it doe feel really weird, but worth a shot!

So to all of my friends, take a look at the link below. Let me know what you think. Any donations appreciated.


Spring Into Season


In times like these
When love grows
And snow flows
Into the drainage systems
My heart beats
A tad quicker
Knowing that the sun
Is able to kiss the skin
Of our freckles
And leave rememberance
That we are all human.


I’ve debated on
What the world means
When people go,
But I know now that
All that is known
We’re created in the womb
Out of a moment that from
The time the spark inhabits
Our cellular system
We are all one second closer
To Earth.


Love is what keeps us alive.
If you think hate will do the same,
I ask you.
Are you happy?

Bittersweet In Dreamland


3:30 am.
The time.
The time I usually awaken
After dreams of two people that are forever hidden.
Hidden in my memories and dreams.
My head keeps them alive from dusk til dawn.
And I awaken to them at night
With tricks from my mind
That the two may still be alive.
Complaining I am not,
But the heart races with anticipation
That all was not lost.

All I have to say is:






Take It One Mile At A Time


It’s Saturday.

The day of relaxation and do whatever comes to mind.

The Holiday has come to pass and my soul is filled with thanks.

Besides good food and even better company,


the realization that gratefulness and thanks is something that cannot be bought.

Even though footie pajamas on sale are pretty awesome!

Even though footie pajamas on sale are pretty awesome! It’s the simple things.

My journey is one of many miles and roads traveled

and today I finished my 8k training to run.


I run for me.

I run for my family.


I run for you.

Not everyone has the ability to run for whatever reason,

so every time I step on the pavement or even treadmill

I think about what I’m grateful for

and take one mile at a time.

I make goals.

I reflect.

I pray.


Each step I take brings me closer

to another journey.

Love Yourself


It’s that time of year where Holidays are upon us.

This will be the first Thanksgiving without my dad and step mom.

It’s one of those days where I will give extra thanks than I already do.

I’ve even started it today by going for a run and just taking time for me.


Thinking. Dreaming. Creating.

I’ve got some good things up my sleeve and I can’t wait to share.

Now to go put those thoughts on paper and make them reality!

Until then,

Love Yourself.

Dollar Signs Don’t Mean Love


I’ve realized from having lots of money to none

I’d rather live honest than fun.

Not that I don’t have fun,

but I watch what my mind does.

Does as in do.

I do love you.

It’s not about me,

but you.

Watching black go to red

made me feel so,

I don’t know.

When will we see grace?

When we know it’s not about

the face.

Beauty can’t be bought.

Love can only give

so where’s my life now?

I think I’m finally human.