Running Journey


Since I’ve completed my first half marathon I’ve started to reflect on my running journey.

Why I started running.

When I started running.

Who have I become because of running.

Running, I’ve come to learn is something that one does not always love.


It’s more of a love-hate relationship. Some days you love it and can’t wait to wake up. Others, you just want to pull the covers over your head and hide.

Since I first hit the pavement and running trails in the summer of 2013 it has hit me my reason for running has changed.

The original catalyst was to lose weight. To look good. To be what society wanted and wants me to be.

alive and well

And because of that original choice I felt it was a chore. I didn’t have a routine or rhyme and reason. I just did.

Since then it has become my therapy. Between death of parents, stressful times, happy times, and whatever has come my way I have learned that my feet hitting the ground has become my saving grace.

Run. Your feet will take you there.

Yes, I get the health benefits but I try not to let that control my life. It’s just extra.

I choose how it makes me feel to control me.


Now mind you, I may not feel happy at mile 10…but once finished you can’t help but smile.

Along the way between the miles by myself I have come to appreciate running with others.

This is where my friend Ginny comes into play.


Ginny is a badass, she may not admit it, but she is.

She is the reason I started running for me and not others.

We may not live in the same state but we run together.


We run virtual races, ran together in person, and even cheered each other on at our proudest running moments.


Because of all of this and the people who have and continue to support me my running journey is that, a journey and it will continue.

I am by no means the fastest, skinniest, and best runner out there.


But I am determined.

I am passionate.

I am me.

With that, let me search the world wide web to find races of 2016.

Let the goals begin early!

The Power Of You


When you realize

The power of you

Was always inside.

No matter what anyone said.

No matter what events occurred.


Because of this,

You just ran your first




All of the months, time, and effort

Put into a moment

When that finish line

Becomes your starting line.


Family and friends-

Whether near or far-

Have just witnessed

A new beginning.



With the power of you.

13.1 aint got nothing on me! 🙂

Wake Up & Run!


It’s Sunday Runday!!!

Am I right?!

Afternoon Everyone!

I must admit it does feel good to be back on a schedule where life allows me to live and be happy!

Today I woke up to the freezing cold weather of my great state of Minnesota! Thanks. Appreciate it!

It still didn’t stop me from running, though I did run at the gym.

I know. I know. I was kind of a baby you could say with the cold snap, but hey, I got off my bum and ran! (Which with my previous job, I wasn’t the best at doing)

I have an 8k coming up, the first race distance of that length for me, up until then, I’ve always raced 5k’s. But since I have a 10k and half marathon this year, I figure Jamie has got to step up her game a little bit! And so I have.

My challenger! Jamie=1 Treadmill=0

My challenger! Jamie=1 Treadmill=0

I wanted to stop at one point, but I fought myself and kept on going!


With a 7 minute warm up and I was off. By no means my fastest, but I won’t let that get me down.

Got to love water!

Got to love water!

After that I treated myself to some self care at the local salon and headed home to make some nummy lunch!

Now I have just been relaxing and reading with my candle.


I can say I feel at peace for now!

A Bit Of Cleaning And Fun Go A Long Way!


Happy Saturday Everyone!

I have been quite the busy bee today. With my Saturday’s to myself again I sure didn’t know what to do…

Then it came to me….

Clean house!

I know. I know.

Not so exciting for a Saturday, but hey! It needed to be done and I actually like cleaning!

See, cleaning can be relaxing!

See, cleaning can be relaxing!

Between the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, laundry, and dishes, I am pretty sure I have it all covered (and other parts of the house)!

And, as a lucky reward to me, I went for a 5 mile bike ride, met a friend for lunch, and baked!

I must admit, cleaning the bedroom had some humor to it, our cat did not like me disturbing her peace. Let’s just say her looks says it all!

Poor Morgan! So spoilt..

Poor Morgan! So spoilt..

Then came the quick 5 mile bike ride where I found a lovely nature park near by! This is one of the things I love about exploring, you never know what you are going to find next!

Hey you! Look over there!

Hey you! Look over there!

My Bike & I. :)

My Bike & I. 🙂

Now, I must admit, my bike ride was cut a bit short when a call from a friend came and found out that she was in town. So, I raced back to the house to change and went to get some yummy lunch!

Salad! Om nom nom.

Salad! Om nom nom.

Get in mah belly!

Get in mah belly!

I found some Minon cookies and as a salute to one of my best friends, I just had to!

Aren't they so cute?!

Aren’t they so cute?!

No word yet on how they are… but by the looks of it….promising!

Well, friends, I know I said I would work on writing some poetry and it is in the works! I sure do have more motivation for creativity and blogging all around again.

Thanks again, oh and if you haven’t seen…

Please check out my Go Fund Me Page please! 🙂

Until next time!

Thirsty Thursday… For Water I Mean!


Well friends, so far I have kept my word, I am back at it: writing, reading, and of course running and working on my fitness.

Today was a fun filled day with sunshine, car rides, paint, rocks, a bike ride, oh and of course water!

Running shirt with paint…all for a good cause!

Running shirt with paint…all for a good cause!

You see, here in Minnesota the last few weeks all we have been getting is rain with maybe some peaks of sunshine. And surprise, surprise today we hit 80 something degrees!

Maybe summer is finally here?!?!

We drove to help the boyfriend’s grandma and grandpa with painting and setting rocks up for their 100 year old home, and boy, let me tell you it was hot, but oh so worth it.

Anyone say water, please?!

Well, besides that, once we got home I decided to make sure I kept up my bargain and rode my bike a few miles around the neighborhood to scope out more places I could run.

A quick pedal to the metal!

A quick pedal to the metal!

Me getting lost happens quite easy, this way I figure since I am on two wheels instead of two feet, I could get home quicker if I lose my way!

Made it! Only one detour needed!

Made it! Only one detour needed!

Guess I should make some dinner as well as read and write!

I’ll have some new words to share here shortly.


Run Girl Run!


Happy Hump Day Everyone! Or in other words, happy Wednesday! Today is a fresh start with brand new beginnings. I’ve started back at my old job working with kids and no longer answering calls day in and day out. Now mind you, great pay, but my happiness was lacking I should say. My coworkers I loved, but it just wasn’t me. I’ve come to realize, as many of you probably have too, happiness is the greatest wealth of all. So with that, I ran. image I put on my trusty running shoes and hit the pavement. I had a few thoughts during my short 2 mile run, they included: 1. Holy shit Jamie, you’ve let your endurance go here these past few months. 2. I missed this. 3. You’ve got this 4. Life is short, live it to the fullest. And 5. Always smile at the finish, you’ve earned it. image And with that, I’m on to my reading for the evening! image Until next time! 💕:)👟💪👍🌞