Facts ‘Round Midnight


During a passionate kiss,

it is possible for you to hear nothing

but the beating of ones heart.

So, I kissed you one more time

To make sure I was still alive.



According to the Bible,

Thinking of someone else during sex

Is a cardinal sin

(punishable by nothing).



My heart is always wanting you,

Like a child wanting to

Speak for the first time.

It’s waiting for the most

Opportune time to feed on the past.



When a hansom man walk up to you

And you want to talk to them,

Say “I’ve got to know you now,

For we me never meet again.”

Know to take chances.



Telling the truth sober

And telling the truth drunk

Are two completely different moments.



There is no greater thrill

Than being kissed in the rain.



I wish I could say it breaks my heart

That I walked away from

Your fairy tale.



If someone asks you

Are you sexy?,

You always say, “I’m beautifully smart.”



I’m afraid I’ll die young

Like everyone around me.



According to the Torah,

One of the most beautiful things to happen

Is to be awake from midnight until dawn.

And because of this I’ll have more time

To get in a lovely state of mind with you.

10 thoughts on “Facts ‘Round Midnight

  1. Ravishing and yet mentally stimulating! How we seek to square the reality of our passions with the traditions we grow with! Keep posting these things . They mean a lot .. and are immensely enjoyable. By the time you have finished reading you remember that you are reading! Blessings!

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