Take It One Mile At A Time


It’s Saturday.

The day of relaxation and do whatever comes to mind.

The Holiday has come to pass and my soul is filled with thanks.

Besides good food and even better company,


the realization that gratefulness and thanks is something that cannot be bought.

Even though footie pajamas on sale are pretty awesome!

Even though footie pajamas on sale are pretty awesome! It’s the simple things.

My journey is one of many miles and roads traveled

and today I finished my 8k training to run.


I run for me.

I run for my family.


I run for you.

Not everyone has the ability to run for whatever reason,

so every time I step on the pavement or even treadmill

I think about what I’m grateful for

and take one mile at a time.

I make goals.

I reflect.

I pray.


Each step I take brings me closer

to another journey.

Love Yourself


It’s that time of year where Holidays are upon us.

This will be the first Thanksgiving without my dad and step mom.

It’s one of those days where I will give extra thanks than I already do.

I’ve even started it today by going for a run and just taking time for me.


Thinking. Dreaming. Creating.

I’ve got some good things up my sleeve and I can’t wait to share.

Now to go put those thoughts on paper and make them reality!

Until then,

Love Yourself.

Dollar Signs Don’t Mean Love


I’ve realized from having lots of money to none

I’d rather live honest than fun.

Not that I don’t have fun,

but I watch what my mind does.

Does as in do.

I do love you.

It’s not about me,

but you.

Watching black go to red

made me feel so,

I don’t know.

When will we see grace?

When we know it’s not about

the face.

Beauty can’t be bought.

Love can only give

so where’s my life now?

I think I’m finally human.




1 : the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body. 

2: the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual


There are so many terrible, heart breaking, overwhelming, gut wrenching, unexpected, unfair, miserable, sad, and fatal things that can happen to someone. there are so many exciting, abundant, amazing, humongous, great, famous, rad, impressive, epic, happy, precious, and good things that can happen to someone. Anyone. There are no exceptions. At any time, in any state, and for however long.


That’s what we chalk up to what we casually call “life.” A four letter word that’s weight is immeasurable. A four letter word that describes countless things and that explains a million unknowns. An event that comes and goes every second of every day from the beginning of time and until the end. A birth, a death, success, failure, love, money, property, prestige, tragedy and miracles.


They say between the ages of four and five we become conscience of ourselves as an entity. As a person. We feel. We breathe, laugh, love, grow, learn, cry, understand, and become self-aware. We literally begin the journey of life. We begin to live and do not stop until the life stops. What’s what we’re here for. To live and experience. we’re here to console our family and friends when they feel life, to congratulate our family and friends when they get life, to fall in love when we want to share life, to make something of our own lives, to create new life, to leave something behind when our life ends.

It Is the be all.

It is the reason.

Go Out With A Bang


Who wants to live quietly
In a matter of which
No one noticed them.

It’s ghostly.

Time keeps ticking,
But the clock doesn’t
Add or subtract

It just passes them by.

Living loudly on the other hand
Could be grand
But who wants to be in everyone’s faces

Have the pressure of a home cooker.

When all we want is to be

Run Girl Run!


What can I say?!

Veterans Day is coming up and with many people in my life that I know that have served and or are serving, why not give back with a run?

Honor a local veteran, donate to Wounded Warriors, and get my butt in gear!

The pride, family, and the patriotism ever present.

I woke up to my alarm clock bellowing at 530am. Not that I usually don’t wake up around this time with my internal clock, but you never know. ;)

I got dressed and ready for the race!


Then I got gas in my car, because who doesn’t need gas?! To my surprise it was $2.89! Yay, my wallet thanks you!

Vroom vroom. Gas tank all full and I was on my way to Mankato State University!

Got there. Received my packet and the stretching began.


The race was about to start and with one last run to my car to drop off random stuff I locked it.


Confirming hey lady, its locked.

And then I had that moment where you know…


…..I realized my key was inside…my…locked…car…


Mind you, this normally doesn’t happen because I have a key fob and all that fancy stuff… but on race days I bring the minimal of what I need.

Oh well, won’t let this ruin my race or day. So what do I do, I get my butt back in line to follow the other racers to the start line and off I go.

A little peeved I knew I had some fight in me for this race…even though the winds decided to be extra boisterous with my glowing locks of hair.

At the finish I looked at my watch and saw a pretty decent number for me, considering I had the flu last weekend and a cold now.


I was happy and smiling…but now the part where I need to get in my car again…


I called up the boyfriend’s brother. He is the only one home and with the plead of a thousand pleases (maybe) he grabbed the spare key and fob and drives over to campus.

Lesson reiterated: always have a back up plan and stay calm. It’s only car keys and hey, life goes on.

Keep on going.

Now to run errands, do some house work, get some books, and write.