5 Ways To Win My Love


1. Be original, meaning be 100% yourself even if its annoying, weird, sketchy, ignorant. Be that, ill always give you props for it, and almost always be turned on by the fact you are the same person in front of everyone.

2. Humor! if you can make me laugh you can get the ass.

3. Humility- because no one loves a cocky cunt.

4. Dont tell me your favorite rapper is little wayne

5. Be spontaneous, tell me what to do for once. Dont be intimidated, be bold. Even if i say otherwise, dont ask me where i want to go! just take me.

Beat In Time

I wish I could sing

Sweet melodies in your ear

That would make you stay


But what is forever,

A smile drawn in pencil?

Or a painted heart?

There is no pride in love.

It’s just a blank page,

A new beginning.

So maybe tonight’s

Our lucky night?

Maybe I’ll sing for you

Just this one time.

Make my soft voice hum a little.

How do we go back

From all the things we’ve said?

I was scared

And unprepared

For all the things I felt

And wanted to run.

But I’m still here.

I would do anything

To take back

All the hurtful things I’ve said

And annoying things I’ve done.

That way our hearts could

Stop together

And beat as one.

I’ve told you I have four chambers

In this cavity of mine.

I was just scared

And unprepared

For all the thing I felt

And wanted to run.

But I’m still here.

I am a blank page

And have new beginnings.

So maybe tonight’s

Our lucky night

To stop the confusion

And just have our hearts stop

And beat as one.

It’s On Lock

This is my heart. it’s going away for a while. it needs rest. it needs schooling. it needs a new rhythm. it needs some healing. it needs some mourning. it needs self care. it needs family. palm trees. music. waffle brownie sundaes. friends. movies. lost. books. laughs. coffee. pianos. writing. blogs. john. paul. george. ringo. manicures. pedicures. combat boots. exercise. sun. mini coopers. tattoos. to-do lists. cleaning. singing.  meetings. prosciutto. play-lists. day trips. playing shows. showing up. it needs a good talking to. it needs things it doesn’t even know it needs yet. it’s going to miss love. but it might appreciate love again when it understands what love is. however long it takes. it’s locked.

What To Read?

Hello All!

Hope all is well with all of you. I just first and foremost wanted to say thank you for all of the lovely support you have been giving me since I’ve been back. :)

It means a great deal! Spread the love around.

Anywhoo. I am in quite the reading mood, but just don’t know what to read. Darn. So what’s a girl to do?

Ask around.

What are books that you all recommend. It doesn’t matter on the genre really, just something that’s eye opening.

I’m getting antsy for some new reads!!